How to get rid of food moths? Say goodbye to ants!

You open the cupboard and food moths fly away? Do not panic ! We have written a guide, full of advice on how to get rid of food moths. So, don’t wait any longer to read the following lines to get by with this task.

Wondering where these flying insects come from? Provisions you take home. They invite themselves into your home through a window or a half-open door. Guided by smell, they settle in the kitchen.

The first signs that your kitchen is infested with food moths are larvae and cocoons. If you notice any, throw the food in the trash. If in doubt, you can put the cereal you have just bought in a jar. Close it with the lid and shake it, if you notice filaments in the jar, your cereal is infested. So, the time to take the next step has come.

What attracts food moths?

These critters are attracted to foods such as cereals, flour, rice, but also to sugar, chocolate, biscuits, dried fruits. In fact, it is the larvae of food moths that need to feed on these products. Note, however, that organic foods, which do not contain pesticides, attract moths the most. Also, if you buy food in bulk, take the time to check it out, as this is one of the ways these butterflies invite themselves into your home.

Foods that attract food moths the most are oatmeal, flour, rice, pasta

What scares away moths?

Don’t be discouraged if your kitchen is invaded by these critters. There is a whole range of home remedies that are very effective. In addition, some food moth repellents are very good repellents against insects in general. If you want, you can opt for insecticides too, but note that they contain substances that can be harmful to humans.

Natural food moth repellent

  • Good old essential oils come to keep food moths away from your cupboards. Lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, clove, peppermint, lemongrass, noble laurel oils will not only rid you of insects, but also scent your cupboards. Soak a few cotton balls in your favorite oil and enjoy its repellent effect.
  • You can also cut a lemon or orange and stick cloves in it. These can also simply be scattered in cupboards and on shelves.
  • Consider also scattering bay leaves, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, pieces of cedar wood, garlic cloves or nutmeg.
  • Spray your cupboards and shelves with white vinegar as a preventive measure once or twice a month.

Essential oils are very effective against insects

how to know if you have moths and how to scare them away

Check your food before putting it away in the cupboard

grandmother's remedy for moths in rice

Know, first of all, that food moths are butterflies with beige wings and as their name suggests, they settle in food. Flour, rice, oatmeal and pasta are their favorites.

  • The first thing to do after noticing the presence of food moths in your cupboard is to throw away all the cardboard packaging or opened sachets found in the area invaded by moths. But, be careful, do not open the packaging because that way the moths will fly away. So, put the products, first of all, in the freezer so that the insects die. In a few hours, you can throw the food in the trash.
  • Next, thoroughly inspect all cupboards where you store groceries.
  • Proceed with cleaning. White vinegar and Marseille soap are your best allies in the fight against moths. Remember to also clean the top of the cupboards, because it is possible that there are larvae.
  • After thorough cleaning, remember to store all food in glass jars or boxes with an airtight seal to prevent further invasion.
  • Thereafter, regularly clean your cupboards and work plan. No crumbs should lie around so as not to attract these critters again.
  • Remember to always check the foodstuffs you buy, as they may already contain mites or larvae. So beware of commercial packaging.

Meticulous cleaning is essential to get rid of food moths

how to get rid of food mits tips

Food moth trap

There are plenty of moth repellent alternatives in the market that you can choose from. Remember that you can make a food moth trap yourself. Here are the variants of traps that we offer:

Think about creating your ecological system at home. If your cupboards are invaded by food moths, get trichogramma. They are, in fact, invisible insects that feed only on the eggs of moths. In addition, after eradicating the generation of flying bugs, the trichogramma disappear. It is advisable to use the diffusers of these insects for 8 weeks.

homemade food moth trap

Ingredients :

  • apple cider vinegar
  • a few drops of dishwashing liquid
  • 1 bowl or glass

Preparation :

  • Pour the apple cider vinegar into the bowl/glass.
  • Add dishwashing liquid to it.
  • Put the bowl/glass in the infested cupboard.
  • Let the trap act for a week.
  • Once the insects have been eradicated, clean up.
  • Dispose of infected foodstuffs in the trash.
  • Empty the cupboard and clean thoroughly with white vinegar or Marseille soap.

Food moth – danger

Don’t be alarmed if you find moths, their cocoons or larvae. They pose no danger to human health. It is recommended, however, to throw away all infested foodstuffs for hygienic reasons.

How to get rid of food moths

how to get rid of food moths tips

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