How the US is feeding Ukraine secret and vital information

Not troops, but eyes. | Genya Savilov / AFP

The United States, whose spy planes and drones have been making constant rounds over neighboring countries of Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, and whose military and commercial satellites are permanent sources of vital strategic and tactical information, massively share these with Ukrainian forces, as confirmed by an NBC News article.

It is, it is explained by American officials, the first time that such data has been provided so massively and continuously to a non-NATO member country at war. It is also, they add, one of the explanations for the Ukrainian military successes against a Russia which, on paper at least, entered the war much more powerful and better armed.

It is also for the West, in addition to the continuous, large and urgent deliveries of arms and heavy equipment or the training of Ukrainian troops, a roundabout way of entering concretely into a conflict which it does not is officially not involved – no fighters on the ground, but eyes everywhere.

To listenWhat is Vladimir Putin playing?

“We regularly provide detailed and dated information to Ukrainians on the state of the battlefield to help them defend their country against Russian aggression, and we will continue to do so,” a Pentagon official told Business. Insider.

“From the beginning, we leaned quite heavily towards sharing strategic and practical information with Ukraine,” a US official told NBC. This had an impact at strategic and tactical levels. There are cases in which you can clearly tell how it made a huge difference.

Some examples are thus delivered in the NBC article. Among other things, the…

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