How can I get a tan naturally in 2022

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Let’s start with where and when you can get tanned. We recommend any cool weather year, around October or later. Even when we hear stories about beautiful men in faraway places like Africa and the Middle East that can go up to 40+ hours in the sun and still have some color left after sunburn, it seems far-fetched to us. At least if it’s not us. Maybe because it seems odd to us to go out in the summer sun for an entire week to get an opportunity to get dark (even though the importance of sun exposure is far greater than the skin-pinking effect).

Now let’s go to a general “how can I get a tan naturally” guide:

You can generally get a tan by sunbathing or working out on the beach. Or by following a few tanning tips.

You can also get more color by trying new skincare or facial mask every day. You could also try a glycolic face mask or a treatment on the skin, like an antioxidant skin treatment. If your skin isn’t doing so well after a year, then look for a new skincare or skin treatment each year.

Finally, you can get a lighter color by using a moisturizer with at least a “greener” color, in the form of a retinoid (the retinal). The label should say it has retinol, and it should have a base of moisturizer to cover it. Many people use the Clarisonic for this purpose.

Those are the main ways to get a tan naturally. You don’t need to do much to get good color, though some people need to cover more skin with tanners, like their face or neck than with regular facial care. But the beauty industry is doing a lot to get you out of the idea of getting a tan from skincare.

Of course, there are a bunch of skincare items that work wonders for dark skin. There’s no shortcut to good skin or good skin care. But if you can only get a tan by avoiding skin care, then we don’t think that’s going to help you, at least if you’re seeking real skin care. Instead, we think that you’ll suffer from what might be called fake skin care.

Your skin will look good for a while, but after that, it will settle into darker skin. That’s because the skin care products that contain your skin’s natural pigments, including natural antioxidants, will make your skin look better for a short while. But once the sun does its thing, the skin care products will fade and your skin will look much worse for much longer. In contrast, a good tanner will go deep and give you a good “good skin color” for many, many weeks, or even months.

Of course, I don’t recommend you wear sunscreen or any skincare items on your face, chest, neck, or any other place where your skin may show dark spots, freckles, scars, or sun spots. That’s why we recommend getting good skin care products that cover your skin and give you what we call a natural skin color.

(If your skin is naturally dark with dark spots, then we recommend that you spend time trying to get your skin to naturally lighten and get rid of all of your dark spots. If you can’t do that, we recommend using a tanning lotion for a while to get a “good skin color” – in the form of lighter skin color – then switching over to a sun tanning product once you’ve got it going.)

That’s not to say that someone with very dark skin can’t get a natural tan if they only do a few skincare tips. But it’s important to realize that it’s not good for you to get skin care tips, like moisturizers or face masks, every day. You’ll wind up with more natural skin color, but it won’t last long at all. You’ll find that after the tanning starts, it’s almost impossible to get the skin color back again. So don’t get into skincare when you’re looking to get a tan that lasts.

I don’t use any skincare products, ever, on my face or my skin, because I believe the skin care industry has made the industry too much about how skin can change, rather than how the skin can change naturally. It’s not realistic for skin to change in a natural way when you’re just trying to get a tan.

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