“His future is uncertain”: Tyler, 3, was seriously contaminated by a Buitoni pizza, his parents testify

Santé Publique France has counted 56 confirmed cases, almost all of them in children, of hemolytic and uremic syndromes (HUS) linked to the bacterium E. coli and the consumption of Buitoni pizzas as of May 4.

“Involuntary homicides”, “involuntary injuries” and “deception on goods” … The Paris prosecutor’s office has already taken up eleven complaints in the context of the Buitoni pizza food scandal, and would still study several others.

This Wednesday morning, Public Health France indicated that it had identified at least 56 contaminations with the E.Coli bacterium present in Fraîch’up pizzas from Buitoni.

ud83dudd0e Update on 04/05/22 on the cases of #HUS and infections #Ecoli in connection with the consumption of frozen pizzas from the Fraîch’Up Buitoni range
u27a1ufe0f 56 confirmed cases have been identifiedhttps://t.co/wDeim7zpUl

– Public HealthFrance (@SantePublicFr) May 10, 2022

Among them, Tyler, who had eaten several slices on the occasion of his 3rd birthday. Seized with vomiting and intense diarrhea a week later, he was immediately taken to the hospital by his parents, who testified on BFMTV.

Placed in intensive care

“It’s hard because we are told that he is in serious condition, that these kidneys no longer work and that we must avoid a heart attack because his potassium level is very high”, explains his mother, Noémie Parchantour.

Our colleagues specify that Tyler had to be placed in intensive care. Medical personnel managed to save his heart, lungs and brain.

“We want answers”

But it’s his kidneys that are worrying doctors the most. The child must undergo several dialyses, which have so far made it possible to preserve them.

“His future is uncertain because maybe in a few years he will have health problems with his kidneys, worries his mother, who is one of the complainants. We want to have answers, to know what is going on. happened and why we are here.”

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