He creates a personalized elevator for his cat, his original idea seduces thousands of Internet users (video)

Some cats simply leave the house through a cat flap. Others are entitled to their personal elevator

In the famous tale of the brothers Grimm, Rapunzel throws her long hair through the window to allow the witch to climb. Here, the story is quite different. A 24-year-old man came up with an original idea to lift his cat: he personalized an “elevator” with a transport box and a rope!

In a video posted on Reddit, we can observe the feline waiting patiently in the yard. When the carrycot lands on the ground, the animal naturally climbs inside and lets itself be carried to the apartment.

The clip, released in early March 2022, has garnered over 54,000 upvotes so far. Thousands of comments have been posted: I like the way the cat just walks into the box “wrote a user; ” Rapunzel, drop your cat cage! exclaimed another with humor.

The owner of the building is afraid of cats

Although this device makes you smile, the idea germinated in the mind of the young man after learning that the owner of the building was afraid of cats. His pet was therefore not allowed to leave the home…

When I got my cat, I didn’t get permission from the ownerexplained the budding engineer to Newsweek, a week later, I started sneaking into the garden to get him out, but she heard me, so I came up with this system to avoid making noise when I let him out. »

Eventually, when the landlady discovered the subterfuge, she couldn’t help but laugh. ” She found it hilarious “said the young man. Since then, his ball of fur can fully frolic outside. As he has been used to using his personal “elevator” since he was adopted over 3 years ago, his adoptive father has decided to keep this original system.

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According to Newsweekthe extreme fear of cats is called “ailurophobia”, a term that comes from ” ailuros “, that is to say the “cat” in Greek. Symptoms can vary, but the most common is anxiety.


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