GTA 5 Online: after his takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk is already the subject of a parody

Game News GTA 5 Online: after his takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk is already the subject of a parody

When reality invites itself into fiction: Elon Musk, the richest man in the world and recent owner of Twitter, is also making headlines in video games. Evidenced by recent articles in the Los Santos Shepherd.


  • “Avon Hertz and Bleeter”
  • GTA Online and the Los Santos Shepherd

“Avon Hertz and Bleeter”

This is one of the characteristics often highlighted by fans as the charm of the license: in addition to its open world and the different stories that can be told there, Grand Theft Auto also wants to be a satire of America. . And in the world of GTA, news travels fast. Witness the recent discovery of players on GTA 5 Online: barely four days after the formalization of the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, the information made the headlines… in the local newspaper of Los Santos, theater of the adventures of the Game.

American billionaire and tech genius Avon Hertz signed a deal on Monday to buy Bleeter for around $44 billion. Bleeter agreed to take it back at $54.2 a share, a 38% increase from the price before Mr Hertz’s takeover bid.

GTA Online and the Los Santos Shepherd

This is the user MalikKillzIt who shares the end of the article. And here it is difficult not to see the similarities between this article of the Los Santos Shepherd and reality. It is the same sums put into play that are taken up (44 billion dollars and the action at 54.2 dollars). Concerning Bleeter, it is a social network which appears for the first time in a DLC of GTA IV and which returns in a more important way in the fifth numbered episode.

But the funniest part is still what’s around Avon Hertz (whose appearance and surname furiously remind one of the boss of SpaceX), he was introduced in 2017 with the DLC The Doomsday Heist…in which he is supposed to die. From then on, the fans imagine that to redeem bleeterhe survived in one way or another: clone who served as a decoy and who would then have created Teslow and Rocket with Evon Mertz as his ceremonial name, networking of his own conscience…

In any case, and if fan theories are crazier than each other concerning the afterlife of this Avon Hertz, we can certainly say that even for a video game, he keeps his feet on the ground by taking up news headlines.

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