Following its acquisition by Elon Musk, Twitter tries to reassure its advertisers

Recorded at the end of April, the takeover of the bird platform by Elon Musk for $44 billion talks. And for good reason, many users and advertisers have expressed their concern about the statements of the whimsical billionaire who followed his new acquisition. As a reminder, the founder of You’re here had expressed his desire to be a serious agent of change because, according to him, “Twitter censored free speech”.

These remarks about a freedom of expression potentially revised upwards and whose limits seem vague, pass with difficulty with the current advertisers, main sources of income of the platform (4.5 billion dollars per year). The latter are afraid of seeing a resurgence of abusive content surge following a possible change of course and thus of seeing their advertisements displayed alongside publications that contravene their ethics.

As well, the San Francisco firm tried to react to this cooling by writing a letter to the main concerned, letter in which it undertakes not to associate the advertisements with harmful content. However, there is no guarantee that Elon Musk will not take other directions in this matter. If the eccentric new owner of Twitter is serious about fighting the platform’s bots by strengthening authentication, its releases “absolutist” of freedom of expression leave room for doubt.

Source : FinancialTimes

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