Florida gets election police to fight fraud

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The Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, signed the law on Monday April 25 creating this new force. A highly contested decision against the backdrop of the unproven accusations of electoral fraud by former President Donald Trump.

With our correspondent in Miami, David Thomson

With 25 investigators, this electoral police will depend on a brand new Election Crimes Bureau tasked with tracking down irregularities, starting with the upcoming midterm elections in November. But what’s the point, wonder the Democratic opposition and civil rights organizations who denounce in chorus a waste of public money for political purposes?

A signal to the electoral base

In Florida no one has ever contested the results of the last election. This key state was won by Donald Trump, and at the time Governor Ron DeSantis himself praised the smooth running of the poll in his state. But now, Donald Trump still stubbornly refuses to recognize his defeat against Joe Biden and denounces massive electoral fraud without proof.

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As a result, this myth of the stolen election has become one of the main concerns of the Republican electorate. By creating this election police, Ron DeSantis is therefore sending a signal to his electoral base, he who is often cited as a future presidential candidate and ranked as the favorite of Republican sympathizers after Trump.


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