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Female jacket – the most fashionable models and what to wear them with?

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In late summer and early spring, a women’s sweater can serve as one of the most sought-after wardrobe items. In comparison with the jacket, soft lines are distinguished, by choosing them, you can achieve elegance and romance of the image at the same time.

fashionable jackets

In the collections of a fashion designer, a women’s jacket is represented by a variety of models that can be made in any tone, and have various decor elements. Among the most relevant indicators are the following:

  • Classic models are still popular, for example, this is the Chanel model.
  • At the peak of popularity there are shortened products with one-sided and two-sided strapping, as well as elongated, which in their cut resemble a female coat.
  • As a material it can be used to produce natural wool, corduroy, leather, suede, or charming velvet.
  • Recognition of modern women uses color scale in swamp shades or camouflage coloring.
  • When choosing a fitting or straight silhouette, you should pay attention to the choice of colors. Stylish and sustainable will look pastel and neutral shades, but designers offer attention to women of fashion and stunning bright models.
  • A fashionable double-breasted jacket was made of velvet, this is a noble fabric that looks great with a classic cut. Distributed such a color palette as mummified shades of cherry blossoms, turquoise and blue.

Jacket in the style of Chanel

  • A model that combines elegance, elegance, and femininity is the Chanel jacket. Its distinguishing features include.
  • It has a classic straight-cut silhouette.
  • It is distinguished by a round neck without the presence of a collar on it;
  • As the original element of the decor uses a braid or rope in the form of a braid, there may be a string.
  • It can be supplemented with two or four lower pockets, located in the front;
  • As a material for the manufacture, wool or tweed is perfect;
  • The female jacket can be made in a shortened version, in which part of the abdomen is open, or with short sleeves;
  • The color palette varies from classic black and white to delicate pink and bright crimson shades.

jacket dress

There is a style that can replace a dress, it can be used both for solemn events and for romantic walks. The product has been recognized by many women of fashion, it is characterized by such features:

  • He has a ready-made silhouette, perfectly sitting on the figure.
  • It can have sides, collar, and embroideries;
  • The classic female model has a long silhouette, long sleeves, slots, and pockets on the sides.
  • In the summer version, sleeves are not used, but otherwise, this model does not depart from the classic cut.
  • It can be any color, it is a black jacket, performed in bright scarlet, aquamarine, or green colors;
  • It can be complemented by various decorative elements, it can be folded around the waist on both sides, asymmetrical bottom.

long jacket

The female elongated jacket is better able to cope with the function of protection from the cold. It has such distinctive features:

  • The length varies from reaching the middle of the thigh to the end at the level of the leg;
  • It can be with or without sleeves;
  • As a material for the manufacture can be used cotton, tweed, velvet.
  • For a cold period, warm and large models of thick strands will do.

Sleeveless jacket

Very unusual and original sleeveless look. There are such differences:

  • shortened or elongated;
  • Tapered or evenly elongated.
  • It can be supplemented with a belt or without it;
  • The elongated version can be worn on shortened jeans, skinny pants, and even shorts.
  • In the trend remains a female red jacket, and related colors such as black, white, pink, and blue colors add femininity and refinement to the image

short jacket

The amputated part enjoys constant popularity among the fair sex. It is possible to note these types of them:

  • Bolero, which is often worn over evening wear. for everyday use, this model is impractical, since it does not provide for the presence of pockets or clasps;
  • Shrag is something that has practically no front part, it covers only the upper back, shoulders, and hands.
  • Spencer – a female shortened jacket, which she complements with long sleeves. It reaches the waistline, and a fastener is installed in the form of buttons.

tweed jacket

The tweed thing – got its name due to the peculiarities of the material and has the following features:

  • Wool is added to the fabric, which improves its properties, the thing becomes warmer, it has a higher strength.
  • The classic model can be supplemented with new details, a lapel of different shapes, and shelves with columns.
  • The product may be elongated or shortened, in lengths of different lengths;
  • Gray and black color went to the background, preference is given to bright colors, for example, a female pink jacket is popular. The dark color is suitable for full ladies, and light will emphasize the harmony of the figure.


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