Exceeded dates, molds on the floor… Doubtful hygiene in a restaurant

A real nightmare in the kitchen. The gendarmes made, on May 21, unsavory discoveries, in a restaurant located by the sea, in Marseillan-Plage (Hérault), they indicated on Tuesday. on Facebook.

Worms in a customer’s tacos

After “the discovery by a customer of worms in his tacos”, the soldiers of the Nautical Brigade went for a short walk in the kitchens of this establishment, which specializes in fishing products. And they didn’t make the trip for nothing.

The gendarmes noted several hygiene violations in the restaurant, including expiry dates for consumption, a slippery floor due to the presence of oil, products stored in a somewhat folkloric way… And “molds on the ground, dead in their own juice,” they say. The person in charge will be heard soon.

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