Elon Musk’s 5 tips for success

Elon Musk was crowned with success in 2021: he became the richest man in the world, his stock sales exploded and already brought him more than 5 billion dollars. Twitter controversies aside, the Tesla founder has had a good life this year, like most multi-millionaires.

So inevitably, when questioning a man to whom everything seems to succeed, there is a question that we cannot help but ask him: what are his recommendations for someone wishing to succeed in their professional life? Insider rightly reports that this is one of the questions he was asked during his participation in the Lex Fridman podcast.

In this one, Elon Musk mainly addressed his advice to young workers, but we can all learn from it. The key is not to “get up at 5 in the morning” or “invest like Warren Buffet”.

According to him, the only variable that matters is knowledge and what we do with that knowledge. This translates into the following five recommendations:

  1. Give more to society than you take from it
  2. Try to be useful for the world and humanity
  3. Do not seek to be a leader for the sake of power
  4. Do not stop reading, storing information to perfect your general knowledge
  5. Be open and ready to learn from everyone you talk to

We know that he himself applied some of these tips, in particular that of reading a lot to acquire new knowledge. As a child, he devoured all the books that came to hand, whether biographies, fantasy novels or scientific books. There is no doubt that he benefited from it afterwards.

As for the first two tips, everyone remains free to judge Musk’s contributions and their usefulness for the rest of humanity. Anyway, he did well and the United States will be grateful to him for the 11 billion dollars in taxes he will soon have to pay.

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