Elon Musk wants to challenge Vladimir Putin in a ‘man-to-man fight’

Day after day, war is ravaging Ukraine since Vladimir Poutine declared the invasion of the country by its armed forces. Faced with these events, many are those who try to challenge Putin. After Jake Paul and his proposal to settle the war with a fight in the ring, nowElon Musk proposed this Monday, March 14 to the Russian President, a man-to-man duel; the winner takes Ukraine.

It’s very serious for Elon

As the Ukraine-Russia conflict continues, many seem to have ready-made solutions to end it. This Monday, it was the president of SpaceX, Elon Musk, who proposed a completely improbable way to settle this war: a one-on-one fight against Putin and with Ukraine at stake.

Indeed, on Twitter, the billionaire sent a surprising message to the Kremlin, declaring in Russian “Hereby, I challenge Vladimir Putin in a man to man fight. The stake is Ukraine.” before adding “Do you accept this fight? @KremlinRussia_E“without specifying the form this duel could take.I’m totally serious“.

Even if Vladimir Poutine will surely not answer the call of Elon Musk, other politicians do not hesitate to react, in particular the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, faithful support of the Russian president, who advised him not to engage on this land on his Telegram account.

If the event proposed by Elon Musk seems unlikely to happen, the desire is not lacking, among many, to settle the account of the former member of the KGB.

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