Elon Musk wants to add a huge catalog of video games to his Tesla

Decidedly, the eccentric billionaire does not like to learn lessons. After a recent controversy over games behind the wheel in Teslas, he comes back with an idea that is not going to please everyone.

What is the real purpose ofElon Musk ? Well, we’ll probably never know. But two days ago he shared on Twitter one of his desires concerning the future improvements brought to the You’re here.

In answering questions from Internet users, the businessman and genius entrepreneur raised the idea of ​​adding the entire catalog of Steama platform for selling video games on the internet.

Thus, the Tesla would be able to run more than 50,000 different games on their dashboard. But before that happens, the billionaire also confirmed that the much criticized game, Cyberpunk 2077would be present in the future cybertruck. Case to follow.

“We are working on the general case of running Steam games on a Tesla versus specific titles. »

Not a fan of lessons

This is not new and we saw it again a few days ago in front of the American Highway Safety, Elon Musk is not a fan of lessons.

And with this history of catalog of video games, he presses again on a point which had earned him a warning at the end of last year. Indeed, Tesla had to remove the function allowing to play at the same time as the car was driving.

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