Elon Musk, portrait of a billionaire without limits or taboos

Ryan and Philippe are in a boat. Ryan falls into the water. Or Philip. Or both. Elon Musk doesn’t care, he’s not a lifeguard! Analyst at JP Morgan, in New York, Ryan Brink-man predicts that Tesla action will be worth 250 dollars at the end of 2022. In London, at Jefferies, Philippe Houchois thinks that at the same time it will reach 1,400 dollars.

Two seasoned, respected analysts, a gap of almost one to six. And what does Elon Musk say? Nothing. Or rather if. Live on Twitter, he poops – literally: “I just dropped some friends off at the pool.” Twenty-one minutes later, in case some took the scatological metaphor at face value, a second tweet: “Plop plop.” Faced with such childishness, half the planet rolls its eyes in exasperation, the other half bursts out laughing. It’s not new.

What is interesting is that the anecdote appears at the very beginning of the long portrait devoted to him in December by Time magazine, designating him “personality of the year”. With a final compliment, for an American media: Musk “constitutes a return to our glorious industrial past, before America began to stagnate and produce nothing but rules, restrictions, limits, obstacles and Facebook” . Welcome to the fan club!

No doubt: the year 2021 will have been that of consecration, for the most disconcerting billionaire on the planet. In April, SpaceX landed an exclusive contract with NASA to send American astronauts to the moon. In May, Musk is crowned with television, where he is the star guest on the famous comedy show Saturday Night Live. In October, car rental giant Hertz announced plans to add 100,000 Teslas to its fleet. In the fall, several of its rockets are launched for revolutionary new missions, such as defense against asteroids or the study of cosmic rays. And Musk ended the year sitting on a mountain of cash, having sold more than $15 billion of his Tesla shares.

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