Elon Musk helps Ukrainian drones



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Thanks to Starlink, the American billionaire’s satellite company, Ukrainian army drones are able to precisely locate Russian tanks.

As the war in Ukraine continues, Tuesday, March 29, Starlink satellites are helping Ukrainians resist. It all starts when the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister calls out to billionaire Elon Musk on Twitter. A few hours later, Starlink service is operational in Ukraine, with the company’s satellites having been moved over the country.

This satellite connection thus allows Ukrainian drones to locate and target Russian tanks. With the Starlink network, the drones transmit the precise coordinates of the tanks to the artillery, even if the soldiers are located several kilometers away. “By using drones and artillery, the Ukrainians are taking the roads, without the need to engage directly on these roads”notes David Hambling, aviation specialist and author of Swarm troopers: how small drones will conquer the world.

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