Elon Musk challenges Vladimir Putin in a ‘man to man fight’

The whimsical billionaire Elon Musk challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in a “man-to-man fight” with Ukraine, the scene of an offensive by the Russian army for nearly three weeks. A message passed on Twitter by the founder of the space company SpaceX, without specifying the form that this duel would take.

“Do you accept this fight? he asked in another message, this time written in Russian, addressing the Kremlin’s official Twitter account. And faced with the incomprehension of a surfer, Elon Musk assured that he was “completely serious”.

Ramzan Kadyrov’s proposal

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, a strong supporter of the Russian president and a big fan of martial arts, recommended the billionaire not to “fight Putin” because of their “too different weight categories”. “It will not be very sporting for Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) to beat a weaker opponent”, he assured on his Telegram account, offering Elon Musk to come “to train in several centers in the Republic of Chechnya”.

“Here, we will tell you more about your obscure American methods of PR (public relations, editor’s note) and we will teach you how to keep your accounts on social networks well”, he added. “You will leave Chechnya feeling like a whole new person. »

Customary of controversies on Twitter

South African-born Elon Musk had previously thrown his support behind kyiv, tweeting “Ukraine, hold on” in early March, while sending his “friends to the great people of Russia, who don’t want” war. He also responded to a call for help from a Ukrainian official by activating Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine and sending equipment there, to help bring internet connectivity to areas hit by military assaults. Russian.

The billionaire is accustomed to controversy on Twitter, where more than 77 million subscribers follow him. In February, he accused the regulator of the American Stock Exchange – which had imposed several sanctions on him – of seeking to muzzle his freedom of expression. He also compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler in a message of support for opponents of government health restrictions. He then deleted that post.

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