Elon Musk: a “Master Plan, Part 3” in preparation?

Summary of previous seasons

Season 1: Foundation

The master plan, first of the name, published by Elon Musk went… completely unnoticed or almost. And this, although he revealed the objectives, and the strategy to achieve them, of the company, in the long term. Written in 2006, this first episode laid out the main lines of what now seems familiar to us.

Commercial photo of the Tesla Model 3, on the road
…to the Tesla Model 3

Namely, how the newcomer must enter the vehicle market, accessible to the greatest number. And for this, by offering an evolving range, from top-of-the-range sports cars, such as the Roadster, to more affordable mainstream sedans such as the famous Model 3.

Another important point developed by this first part: the possibility for owners of electric vehicles to become “energy positive”, thanks to renewable energy sources (solar in mind) to recharge their electric vehicle.

Season 2: Consolidation

The implementation of the objectives set in the first part took about ten years. The second part of the master plan was therefore born at a time when the status of the company had evolved, in particular already producing the Model S and Model X.

Introducing the Tesla Semi
Tesla Semi

Published in 2016, “Master Plan, part 2″ emphasized Tesla’s desire to enter all segments of the electric vehicle, such as, for example, heavy trucks (Tesla Semi project). Showing that he has more ideas, Elon Musk also highlighted, in his plan, the synergy between his various projects. He emphasizes the importance of Tesla Energy (and its range of products, such as solar panels and tiles), as well as the importance given to the driver assistance system (Autopilot)

Finally, it laid the groundwork for the Tesla network, ideally possible once self-driving becomes a reality.

Update on season 2: there are still episodes left

All the objectives set by Elon Musk in his first part have been achieved, around the launch of the Model 3. While those listed in the second part have proven to be much more daring, and consequently, more difficult to achieve.

Thus, vehicles announced with a lot of tweets, such as the Tesla Semi and the Cybertruck are still waiting to be produced. And the Solar Roof tiles have experienced significant delays. Encouraging factor, the progress of Full Self Driving (FSD), with the beta version, as seen here, in a short video from the YouTube channel “Whole Mars Blog”:

But a truly autonomous vehicle still seems to be a long-term goal.

So, season 3: revision, anticipation or precipitation?

All these considerations should not make this “Master Plan, part 3” inappropriate or inappropriate. Indeed, Elon Musk has shown that he has a real big picture vision for Tesla. Plus, her long tenure at the helm of the company gives her a good idea of ​​where it could go.

Taking this into account, we understand that the assumptions are multiplying, as to the content of this new opus. Some TSLA specialists, who have been following the evolution of the company for several years, suggest that it could enshrine Tesla’s transition from car manufacturing to a company centered more around Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

And, in fact, focusing on these two sectors is not as strange as it might seem at first glance. Especially if we take into account projects like Optimus, and the mass of data collected, in real time, by applications installed on vehicles.

Presentation of the Tesla robot
Presentation of the Tesla robot
Technical details of the Tesla robot
Technical details of the robot
Programming the Tesla Robot
Robot programming

And if we dig a little further, we realize that the Californian manufacturer is already extending its field of expertise to other areas. Thus, announcements around robots tend to show that the future of Tesla goes through the development of services aimed at industry.

This seems to be something essential for Elon Musk. On Twitter recently, he recalled the respect he had for those who do “honest work” in the service of their fellow human beings. Let Elon Musk have the floor to conclude:

Working hard to create useful products and services for your fellow human beings is deeply morally good. I have so much respect for associates who put in an honest day’s work at Tesla, and SpaceX, who build and maintain cars, rockets, Starlinks, batteries, solar and more. “.

And you, do you have any idea (or expectations) of what this new plan from Elon Musk will bring? Share your ideas and remarks in the comment space provided for this purpose!

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