E.Leclerc recalls aperitif cheeses suspected of containing listeria

The recall campaign concerns a 65 gram sachet of the Les Croisés brand, containing a duo of goat cheese balls for an aperitif.

E.Leclerc stores launched a national recall campaign on Thursday, May 12, relayed by the government site Rappel Conso, concerning aperitif cheeses suspected of containing listeria, a bacterium responsible for listeriosis. This infectious disease affects the nervous system and can be fatal.

More specifically, the campaign concerns a 65-gram bag from the Les Croisés brand, containing a duo of goat’s cheese balls for an aperitif, tomato-paprika and poppy-tapenade flavour. These lots were sold throughout France by E.Leclerc stores, between April 25 and May 11. The batches concerned are batches 3564706581173, 3564706581173, 3564706581173 and 3564706581173. The expiry dates for these batches are between May 18 and June 7, 2022.

Reminder Conso recommends that people who have consumed these appetizing cheeses and who have fever, headaches or body aches to consult their doctor and report this consumption. The site specifies that pregnant women, immunocompromised people and the elderly should be particularly attentive to these symptoms.


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