Dogecoin (DOGE): Twitter’s watchdog against spambots?

Billionaires working for DOGE? – As soon as the whimsical Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billionthe community gathered behind the Dogecoin appeared enthusiastic. The latter is undoubtedly convinced that the billionaire, a big fan of the memecoin to the smiling dog Shiba, will find a use for DOGE on Twitter. Such an idea of ​​use was rightly expressed by mark cuban.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Considers Dogecoin to Avoid Twitter Bots

Even before its full takeover of TwitterQu is not a word’Elon Musk began acquiring 9.2% of TWTR shares in early April, the billionaire thought of add Dogecoin as a payment method for subscription to premium accounts Twitter Blue.

This time, the use case idea came from the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, mark cuban. The billionaire, who also showed up much more a fan of DOGE than Bitcointhus proposed to use Dogecoin to Wrestle against the scourge of spam bots on Twitter.

“(…) Everyone puts 1 DOGE for an unlimited number of messages. If someone disputes a message, and humans confirm it’s spam, then [l’auteur du signalement] receives the spammer’s DOGE. The spammer will have to put hundreds of DOGE. If it is not spam, it is the author of the report who loses his DOGE. (…)”

Twitter account @mcuban

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Elon Musk and the creator of DOGE approve, and so do we at the JDC!

Obviously, this idea of ​​making Twitter spammers pay in Dogecoin appeals to the main stakeholders. Billy Markus (aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto), co-creator of the iconic Shiba memecoin, tweeted that he ” love it “. Likewise, Elon Musk responded by saying that ” it’s not a bad idea “.

Billy Markus and Elon Musk approve of Mark Cuban's idea of ​​Dogecoin as anti-spam.
Twitter account @elonmsuk

And we too, Corner Newspaper, we really like the idea. It’s not that we’re especially fans of the friendly memecoin, but spam bots are a real pain. A wound that puts you, our dear readers, in danger.

Look at these examples (below) spam/scams, plagiarizing our name and often even our logo. So think about systematically to verify that the Twitter account is the real one, namely only: @LeJournalDuCoin

Spam bots plagiarize the Journal du Coin: when will the Dogecoin anti-spam?
Twitter account @LeJournalDuCoin

A hint does not deceive: as the 1st media French speaking on Bitcoin and crypto, we will speak only very rarely in English. Except to kindly ask Elon Musk to solve this thorny problem of spam bots (whether with Dogecoin or otherwise). Because, as unfortunately recently reported by theMFA in a report, 25% of scams in France now use cryptocurrencies to defraud their victims.

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