Does your cat hide in high places in your home? What it actually means

Still having trouble pinpointing your hairballs? All cat owners will tell you: the secret is to learn to decipher their body language. These pets communicate by always sending signals through their body language and behavior. Therefore, to properly capture their message, all you have to do is take a good look at all their actions. Moreover, they always need to draw attention to them so that we can grasp what they are asking for. And it is by observing your cat better that you will be able to better understand it, to know if it is fulfilled or if it is experiencing any discomfort. For example, many cats have a habit of hiding on the roof of the apartment or house. What do you think this means?

It is indeed commonplace: these little felines love to hide. As they are very independent, some like to isolate themselves and spend time alone, camouflaged somewhere, far from the surrounding hustle and bustle. However, if your cat likes to perch high up, his behavior has to mean something. Several reasons can explain this. Let’s discover together the most common causes!

Why do cats like to isolate themselves high up in the house?

cat shelf

A cat hidden on a shelf – Source: spm

Generally speaking, cat behavior tells you exactly what they need and feel at any given time. They thus provide strong signals or messages that all members of the house must know to better understand their reaction and to meet their needs.

cat sleeps radiator

A cat sleeping on the radiator – Source: spm

Many of them like to sleep in height, even when it comes to open spaces (doors, houses or trees).

Who has never wondered where this desire or this whim of wanting to rest in such places comes from? Especially since, it must be admitted, cats are known to have a real diva character: they are at the same time demanding, capricious and pretentious. Many refuse certain foods, snub a canape that doesn’t suit them, or sulk at the way you serve them snacks. So, inevitably, there is something to be challenged when we imagine them settling in this kind of rather uncomfortable places.

But this choice is not trivial. On the contrary, it is even very revealing: if they go to the highest point of the house, it is precisely to better observe everything that is happening around. They thus benefit from the best panoramic view to ensure that all is well and that no danger lurks in the surroundings. This will allow them to rest for a while. This way they feel protected, since they have better visibility and nothing can reach them.

Where does this habit come from?

Even if they feel protected and loved by their master, the natural instinct of the feline always comes back at a gallop. We must not forget that the first cats hunted and lived in the wild. They have all inherited an impressive ability to climb trees and hide in the highest areas. This is why it can sometimes happen to see cats wandering between the windows of a very high building. Humans may panic at such a spectacle, but for a cat it is natural. Rest assured, the more enclosed the space, the more your cat feels protected. He feels good there because no potential “enemy” is likely to come and surprise him.

Also, have you noticed that your cat regularly changes his favorite place at home? The reason is quite surprising: according to experts, this change has nothing to do with his moods or a sudden malaise, it is simply the need to be in a healthier, more cozy and better environment. cleaned up. As you probably know, the cat is an extremely clean creature. He will therefore automatically be attracted to a clean, hygienic and cleansed place of all dirt!

What to do if your cat is hiding?

cat cabinet drawer cover

A cat hidden in the cupboard drawer – Source: spm

Insofar as certain temporary changes (new furniture, move, new animal, visitors, etc.) can be a major source of stress and lead your cat to feel threatened and to hide, it is important to know how to calm and reassure him. to get him out of his hiding place.

  • Give it time: a stressed cat will be more likely to hide. Never force him out of his hiding place if he needs to isolate himself a little. Moreover, the ideal would even be to provide him with some comforting and accessible hiding places, such as a basket, a closet or a cardboard box. On the other hand, never push him towards his hiding place either, this will increase his stress!
  • Find a solution to any source of stress: a happy, calm cat will be less likely to hide. Food and toys can encourage him to come out of hiding. Of course, a cat that is always visible is necessarily more trustworthy. But be sure to respect his moments of solitude.
  • A new cat at home: make sure that the introduction is done gradually to keep the two animals calm and friendly. The cohabitation between two animals of the same species is not always obvious. Conflicts between cats can often lead to stress and a need to hide. So if you notice your new cat hiding, make sure it’s not due to the old one’s aggressive or intimidating behavior.

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