Did you know ? Billionaire Elon Musk is actually the father of 7 children, not 6

At the head of many companies, Elon Musk, who became the new owner of the social network Twitter on Monday, April 25, must also manage a large family. The billionaire is the father of six boys.

This is one of the last requirements ofElon Musk. The billionaire of South African origin, who comes from buy the social network Twitter for 44 billion dollars this Monday, April 25, moved into a mobile home a few months ago to be closer to the activities of his company SpaceX. According to the specialized media Teslaratihe would live since in a prefabricated of just under 40m² installed in Starbase, Texas. A new home where it will not be easy for him to welcome his children. Because Elon Musk had five boys with his first wife, Justine Wilsonwith whom he was married from 2000 to 2008, then a sixth, with a first name for the less original: X Æ A-12, with Grimeswhich he announced to be “semi-separated” in September 2021.

However, what few know is that the billionaire should have been the father of a seventh child. In 2002, a first boy was born, the fruit of his love affair with Justine Wilson. However, the couple saw a first drama: the baby, named Nevada Alexander, dies at ten weeks sudden infant death syndrome. A brutal loss which however did not divide Elon Musk and his wife. Together, they overcome this tragedy and give birth to twins in 2004, Griffin and Xavier. Both boys were conceived through in vitro fertilization.

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Dad of a little X Æ A-12

Two years later, the couple tried IVF again and gave birth to triplets: Kai, Saxon and Damian. Children who will not prevent the couple’s divorce in 2008. Subsequently, Elon Musk found love again with British actress, Talulah Riley in 2010. The couple married and divorced twice in the space of a few years. After being seen in the arms by Amber Heardthe billionaire started a relationship with singer Grimes in 2018. The couple thus welcomed in May 2020 the little X Æ A-12, the seventh child of the billionaire, whose first name is at the height of the eccentricity of the couple. In addition, Elon Musk also had a seventh child, in 2002, who died at the age of ten weeks.

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