Cotentin. Shortage of labor before the summer, restaurants and food shops are recruiting

Just like Le Goéland 1951, in Jonville (Manche), a good number of businesses cannot find workers at the moment. Worrying before the start of the summer season. (©Patricia SOARES)

Despite tourist attractiveness and an exceptional living environmenta shortage of workforce rages on the Val de Saire (Sleeve). Most of restaurants offer seasonal or permanent jobs.

In Jonville, The Gull 1951 been forced to close on Easter Monday so much the crowds of the weekend had exhausted the team. This restaurant seeks to recruit peoplemainly for kitchen. The bisquinerestaurant on the port of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, is looking for a person in the room and one kitchen clerk. These are just a few examples because all restaurants, with one or two exceptions, are in staff shortage and fail to motivate candidates.

A special year

Admittedly, there is a lack of housing for seasonal workers in the town. The municipality is trying to find solutions. Many municipal building rehabilitation sites are In progress Where in project but, of course, it takes time.

On the other hand, these are working hours with a break in the afternoon, which supposes don’t live too far. But, it is another rhythm of life. “In summer, it’s very pleasant to have the afternoon to go to the beach with the children”, explains Pierre-François Brix, owner of the hotel-restaurant. Fuchsias.

This year is special. Indeed, during the confinementsnumerous catering professionals have chosen to change direction and are not not returned to their previous career. Some took advantage of this time to start new training.

“At the moment and since the beginning of the year, we have published our advertisements on several platforms dedicated to recruitment in the catering industry. We even hired a headhunter who takes a fortune from us, but the situation is alarming and unanswerable for everyone. We spend a lot of money on job subscriptions and casting a net in hopes of recruiting people, but it’s money wasted. Even Pôle emploi is alarmed. »

Benedict Brix

But it’s not just restaurateurs who are struggling. So the two bakeries of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue are recruiting sales apprentices and in bakeryas well as seasonal. The butcher’s shop Boulay, rue de Verrue, is looking for a seller in permanent contract. The convenience store CocciMarket in Quettehou is looking for a sales apprentice. This list is not exhaustive. Many positions are to be filled in the beautiful region of eastern Cotentin where life is good.

From our correspondent Patricia SOARES

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