What is the best way to cook food?

Although vegetables are good for your health, cooking them can lead to certain losses, particularly in vitamins and mineral salts. Here are some essential cooking tips to get the most out of the nutritional properties of vegetables. Rich in water, fiber, vitamins (vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamin B9, etc.), mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, … Read more

Here are the most acidifying foods

To take care of your health, it is important not to eat so-called acidic foods too often, that is to say foods that have a pH below 7. When the body is too acidic, this promotes the formation of cavities, enamel erosion, fatigue, weakening of the bones, heartburn, or even fungal infections. So, here are … Read more

Connected fridges, new canteens 2.0

More economical, connected fridges follow the trend of healthier fast food, with optimization of space and costs, guarantee of success. Often, the lackluster image of the canteen dates back to childhood. Faced with this, company catering, since 2014, has been trying to change this representation and now offers fresh and local dishes, available to employees … Read more

Wisconsin man eats 33,000 Big Macs in 50 years

In 50 years, a Wisconsin man ate a Big Mac almost every day, so he estimates he ate 33,000 hamburgers. Nothing less. • Read also: 2-Year-Old Toddler Orders 31 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers Without Mom Knowing • Read also: Just small fries in McDonalds in Japan… because of Canada • Read also: In China, McDonald’s customers can … Read more

Christian Le Squer, the starry Breton reconnects with his roots

PORTRAIT – Crowned with three stars for twenty years, the chef of the Five (George V hotel, in Paris) also cultivates his Armorican roots in association with a group anchored from Ille-et-Vilaine to Finistère. You should always be wary of a man who says to you: “I was born happy.” Usually, a few minutes later, … Read more