Burger King is releasing a Whopper with 2 identical buns for Pride month!

To celebrate Pride month, Burger King is pulling out all the stops. And for good reason, the brand is offering its loyal customers the “Pride Whopper”.

Needless to say, Burger King never does things by halves. So the restaurant decided to celebrate Pride month with a very special Whopper. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Burger King pulls out all the stops

It’s no secret that Burger King is a pro when it comes to communication. Indeed, the sign connects the blows of com which make the buzz. And yes, its teams are very creative and never stop letting their imaginations run wild.

Thus, Burger King always offers very original offers to its loyal customers. Moreover, on the occasion of the big Lotto on Friday the 13th, the restaurant chain has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones. Indeed, the latter consoled all draw losers with a free Whopper. Yes, just that!

Still on the side of special actions, fast food has decided to celebrate the presidential election. Indeed, during the election, the brand put up for sale eight of his 3-euro burgers. Something to delight the greediest. Yum !

Moreover, Burger King seems to want to continue on this same path. Indeed, the burger giant continues commercial actions and continues to get noticed. Today, the latter has therefore decided to bet on the month of Pride. And for the occasion, a very special Whopper arrives. MCE TV tells you more!

A Whopper to celebrate Pride month?

No one can miss the famous Burger King. And for good reason, the group chained the big hits and keep talking about him. In short, impossible not to hear about his com actions.

Moreover, on the occasion of the release of its FlexiWhopper, Burger King even decided to bring in the famous Jonathan Cohen. The latter therefore appeared in its advertising. Something to surprise viewers.

But today, the brand has decided to highlight a completely different subject. Indeed, the month of June is essential as the month of Pride. It therefore offers the possibility for the LGBTQ+ movement to gain visibility. The opportunity for brands to take sides. Besides, Burger King Austria has mobilized and once again showed originality.

For this, the Pride Whopper will make its arrival. The famous sandwich has therefore been revisited for the occasion. Thus, it has two identical buns, unlike classic burgers. The idea here is therefore to represent love between two people of the same sex.

On social networks, opinions seem to vary. Indeed, while some find this to be a good initiative, others claim that this action is opportunistic. So what to debate. In any case, this action does not fail to react.

FYI, this new burger is on sale in Austria until June 20. So there is still a little time to discover this new recipe.

But don’t panic, one thing is certain, Burger King has not finished showing creativity. But then, what will be his next action? To be continued.

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