Bitten by a German shepherd, a 7-year-old girl seriously injured in the face in Castelsarrasin

A 7-year-old girl was seriously injured after being bitten by a dog while she was in the Clairefont leisure park, in Castelsarrasin, this Tuesday April 26 at the end of the afternoon.

On the circumstances of this accident, it would seem that the owner of this German shepherd was holding his animal with a long leash in the park while the little girl, accompanied by her grandmother, was playing nearby.

For some unexplained reason at this time, the German shepherd would have jumped in his face. The animal thus bit him on one of his cheeks, an ear and his nose. Suffering from a major wound, the child was taken care of by firefighters from the Castelsarrasin – Moissac rescue center. The young victim was transported to the Moissac hospital center.

On the scene, the police made the usual findings while waiting for the victim’s mother to file a complaint at the Castelsarrasin police station. The duty magistrate of the Montauban public prosecutor’s office was notified pending possible legal action. The dog was left, for the time being, with his master.

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