Why US inflation may have peaked

In March, consumer prices in the United States emerged up 8.5% year on year. This is the highest rate since 1981. © Keystone It also seems that the upward pressure on prices is spreading. The Cleveland Federal Reserve’s trimmed-average inflation barometer, which abstracts from price changes at both ends, crossed the 6% threshold for the … Read more

Nasdaq Composite: The index is getting comfortable within a trading range

(BFM Bourse) – The Nasdaq Composite index rebounded strongly on Wednesday (+2.03% to 13,643 points), fully taking its place within a trading range between 13,330 and 13,838 points. A rebound finally measured against the losses accumulated since Tuesday, April 5, against a background of chronic inflation. In terms of statistics, operators took note on Wednesday … Read more

Bac #21 revisions: the United States and the environmental question in history-geo – Revisions

“The environment, between exploitation and protection: a planetary issue”, such is the title of theme n°5 of the specialty “History-geography, geopolitics and political science”. A theme in which it is about the United States. A pioneer in the protection of natural areas, with the creation in 1872 of the first national park in the world … Read more

We explain to you why hundreds of thousands of birds have come to stay in the town of Boulleret

They were in the hundreds of thousands, according to estimates. Maybe even a million… Many birds have recently taken up residence in the fields in the commune of Boulleret. An exceptional crowd. “It was mainly finches from the north, 90%”, explains Guillaume Nioncel, leader of the environmental protection association Nature 18, also a wildlife photographer, … Read more

French Presidential 2022: who did the French in the United States vote for?

At the time of writing these lines, the results of the second round of the French presidential election 2022 have not yet been fully counted for the cities of Chicago (9141 registered) and New Orleans (924). Those of Atlanta (6398), Boston (7987), Houston (8261), Los Angeles (25,943), Miami (9733), New York (29,766), San Francisco (24,258) … Read more