Is your horse intelligent by nature? The 5 smartest horse breeds in the world

Horses are amazing animals because they make faithful and loyal partners. These intelligent creatures are able to learn commands, tricks, patterns, signals, emotions and much more. Although intelligence varies from horse to horse, these breeds are known in the equestrian world to be particularly intelligent. They are excellent in many different disciplines, both in and … Read more

US bans Juul brand e-cigarettes

For the washington post, it is “the agency’s most dramatic action in years, during which the FDA has worked to crack down on youth vaping.” On Thursday, June 23, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a trade ban for Juul brand electronic cigarettes. Thus, these products should no longer be sold, and … Read more

Pilou, José and Simon’s dog who barked inopportunely, was educated: “Whatever the stimuli, he no longer reacts”

The octogenarians went to a dog club every week to pick up their dog The Liège court of first instance continued to examine the case of Pilou, this small dog belonging to Josée and Simon, 83 and 87, residents of Flémalle who had their animal withdrawn because it allegedly upset the neighborhood by barking inopportunely. … Read more

Reptiles are threatened in Brittany – Brest

What is the specific situation of reptiles in Brittany? Reptiles are species particularly impacted by the consequences of global warming. Composed of nine species, four of which are threatened with extinction, Brittany is the only region in Europe where one can encounter species with a wide European distribution. It hosts, for example, one of the … Read more