Au Coin Cosy, a delicious restaurant-boutique in Arthez-de-Béarn

Before choosing a table, the gaze glides from the shop corner to the dining room. You can opt to curl up in the armchairs by the stove,…

Before choosing a table, the gaze glides from the shop corner to the dining room. You can choose to curl up in the armchairs by the stove, sit down at the large table laid out like a family dining room or treat yourself to a fabulous view of the Pyrenees.

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International cuisine

Au Coin Cozy breaks the codes of village inns. Nathalie Nosjean has created a unique place there, in her image. Decorated with antique furniture or donated by friends, she offers world cuisine, pies with a subtle taste and combinations of fresh produce, organic if possible.

In this week of early May, his menu offers a gourmet salad with mango or velouté of soft vegetables as a starter. For the dishes, four possible choices: his mushroom pie (read the recipe elsewhere), the asparagus with parmesan and pesto, or the Armorican cuttlefish or the pork loin with curry. On the dessert side, enjoy the sweetness of the all-chocolate or caramel heart coulant or the freshness of a mascarpone, lemon and Thai basil strawberry coulis.

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This complete menu with tea or coffee is offered at 13.50 euros. “A rate that I hope to be able to keep as long as possible,” smiles Nathalie. Having become a chef out of a passion for cooking, she is keen to be able to welcome each of her customers as best as possible: pilgrims to Saint-Jacques, employees of the Lacq basin, regulars in the village…

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It also keeps its doors open (except Wednesday and Saturday) until tea time. Still others also come to pick from the shop. In addition to its jams and biscuits, there are soaps, honey, flour, teas, coffees, ceramics… More surprising: its showcase of balls of wool. “It was initially my passion,” she says. And it was after a trip to Ireland where she appreciated the promotion of local crafts in gourmet places that she had the click to create her Cozy Coin in 2017.

18 Place du Palais in Arthez-de-Béarn. Reservation and schedules on

Mushroom, ham and Comté cheese tart served at Au Coin Cosy.

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Mushroom, ham and Comté tart
Ingredients: Fresh Paris mushroom Grated white ham Comté 20 cl Single cream 3 eggs for the mixture 1 egg for the dough salt pepper minced fresh parsley 175g wheat flour + 75g buckwheat flour 125g butter 1 pie dish 1 beater or whisk 1 /the dough: mix the 2 flours and a good pinch of salt, add the softened butter, mix quickly then add the beaten egg, mix quickly, roll into a ball and let stand 2/mince the mushrooms and ham 3/prepare the apparatus: whisk together the 3 eggs + the cream + salt 4/roll out the dough, arrange the raw mushrooms nicely, the ham on top, pour the mixture and bake for about 35 minutes at 160°C. 5/Just before serving, grate some Comté (you can put it back in the oven to melt the Comté), add a little chopped fresh parsley for decoration and taste and sprinkle with ground pepper. Simple, easy and delicious!

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