At Elon Musk’s South African high school, students fascinated by the entrepreneur

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Having made his fortune in the United States, Elon Musk was first a child of Pretoria. The South African was born there in June 1971 and did part of his studies there. He studied at Pretoria Boys’ High School, a century-old institution from which two Nobel Prize winners were awarded. A discreet boy, he did not make an impression as a student, but the new generations of students are inspired by his career.

Superb stone buildings, wooden libraries and fountains… Pretoria Boys’ High School is a traditional establishment where students study in costume. As Elon Musk did thirty years before them.

His journey fascinates Joshua Le Roux, 18, who devoured his biography. ” He’s a visionary, he’s passionate, no matter what field he’s involved in, whether it’s Twitter, Space X, Tesla, he makes something great out of it, even something new thanks to his creative spirit. »

futuristic fiber

More than 40 billion dollars spent to buy Twitter, was it really reasonable? Ross Gillesen, 17, does not question Elon Musk’s investments. ” Whatever he does, he can turn it into success. I don’t really pay attention to the sensational side of the news around Elon Musk. What interests me much more is its automotive industry. He and I share the same passion for this sector. »

Elon Musk’s futuristic projects resonate with the fiber for science fiction of some teenagers who finish high school. “ He really wants us to explore space, he wants to see colonies on Mars and to tell you the truth, I completely agree with this vision. enthused Adedamola Yusuff, 17. ” Maybe it’s pure naivety, or because I’m still a kid and I have a lot of imagination, but I’m excited about such a future, it’s exciting. »

“Not attached to South Africa”

At the other end of the table, their history teacher and high school principal, listens to them attentively and with a hint of skepticism. ” What worries me is that we end up admiring someone for their wealth rather than for the values ​​they embody “, expresses John Illsney. ” Regarding Twitter, I don’t understand the point of spending billions on it, I imagine there are much better ways to invest your money. »

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I don’t think he is very attached to South Africa and yet I believe that when you make so much money, there is a moral obligation to look at where you come from “, Continues the main teacher, anxious to qualify the flattering portrait that his students paint of Elon Musk. John Illsney would like the South African entrepreneur, naturalized Canadian then American, to come and spend a day at his old school: it would be a way for him to take root again.


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