arrest of an escapee and his accomplice guardian actively sought

Vicky White and Casey White’s escape was cut short after a car chase with law enforcement. An accident took place and the detainee surrendered on Monday.

The American police announced on Monday that they had arrested in the state of Indiana an “extremely dangerous” detainee, who escaped on April 29 thanks to the assistance of a prison officer, also arrested.

His alleged accomplice, prison officer Vicky White, was injured during the arrest. Their run on a background of romance, which began in a prison in Alabama, fascinated the Americans, over the revelations day after day.

“During the chase, the pickup had an accident”

Their escape was cut short after a car chase with the police. The couple were chased while driving a Ford pickup, the sheriff said.

“Casey White was driving this vehicle. Vicky White was in the passenger seat. During the chase, the pickup had an accident. Casey White surrendered. Vicky White was taken to the hospital,” said the police chief.

He did not specify the nature of the injuries of the prison officer but, according to American media, the woman inflicted a shot with a firearm.

Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, have the same name but are not related. The improbable duo has aroused great interest, in particular because of the contrasts between them: she, a model little prison officer with an apparently orderly life; he, a 2.06 m multi-recidivist colossus imprisoned for murder.

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