against firearms, Hollywood unsheathes the “soft power” of cinema

After the Buffalo and Uvalde killings last May, two hundred personalities from American cinema pledged, in an open letter, to change the representation of violence on screens.

Outraged by the mass killings that occurred in Buffalo and Uvalde last May, two hundred Hollywood personalities responded on Monday to the appeal of the Brady Campaign, an association that campaigns against the senseless proliferation of firearms in the United States. In an open letter, the signatories undertake to change the representation of violence on screens.

Soft power against guns? If the fight seems unequal, the artists mobilized nevertheless weigh their weight: in addition to a handful of stars (Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Amy Schumer), this legion of goodwill includes in its ranks the director and producer JJ Abrams (Lost, Mission: Impossible – Fallout), producers Shonda Rhimes (The Bridgerton Chronicle) and Damon Lindelof (Watchman), without forgetting the president of Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Kathleen Kennedy.

Educate on the danger of firearms

Faced with the sacrosanct second amendment, the lethal weapon of American “pro-guns”, the artists unsheath… the power of fiction: “Cultural attitudes about smoking, drinking and driving, seatbelt use, and marriage equality have all evolved in part through the influence of movies and television. It’s time to start with the dangers of guns. »

Of course, it is not a question of removing them completely – we see from here a thriller where robbers and cops clash with the blowpipe! “We call on screenwriters, directors and producers to pay attention to gun violence shown on screen and to promote safe handling,” in particular by limiting “the scenes where both children and weapons appear”. For the record, 4,368 Americans under the age of 20 were killed by firearms in 2020.

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