after sunflower oil and mustard, the ingredient adored by the French threatened with shortage

French supermarkets once again find themselves in turmoil. And we are all concerned. A new shortage is about to strike with full force, and it concerns a food of daily consumption for millions of our fellow citizens. The Objeko editorial team gives you all the information about this shortage, but also those currently affecting supermarkets.

Supermarkets facing shortages

As you have most certainly noticed, the current era is far from one of abundance. Just go to supermarkets. Many products are running out of shelves. Worse still, the price of all products has increased dramatically. First of all, of course, the sunflower oil created the panic. As you know, it is experiencing a worrying shortage. For the boss of Lidl, this is mainly due to a mass purchase of certain consumers. There would be no shortage expected. It should however be noted that, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the price per liter has greatly increased, going from €1.79 to €2.10. Indeed, Ukraine is one of the main importers of sunflower oil in Europe

Poultry is also affected by a price increase. This is due to the avian flu which is making a comeback on our territory, and in the surrounding countries. Between five and ten farms would thus be decimated in France per day, which is enormous. The price of poultry will therefore increase, but also the price of eggs. As for duck, it could run out for Christmas in our supermarkets. Beef and pork will also see the price per kilo rise by around 40 cents. According to INSEE, inflation of fresh products in France is at 7.2% in just one year. Basically, your wallet will take a big hit…

A shortage in supermarkets which is added to the others

As if we don’t have enough shortages as it is! A new product may be missing in French supermarkets. And there is a strong risk of changing our eating habits… It is indeed milk. Milk is an essential element of French gastronomy. It is consumed in the morning with cereals or in coffee, it is incorporated into sauces, cakes, desserts… Not to mention cheese!

However, France produces 98% of the milk it consumes according to the National Interprofessional Center for the Dairy Economy (CNIEL). However, this same organization notes the lack of dynamism of milk production.

Many farmers have converted their dairy farms into farms. They recently halved their membership. This is largely due to the war in Ukraine, which caused the prices of certain cereals to soar, such as sunflowers, for example. This therefore explains why we might run out of milk and dairy products in supermarkets. Especially since with the announcement of the upcoming shortage, many consumers will try to stock up, and precipitate the shortage even more quickly. As was the case with sunflower oil.

Producers in turmoil

If milk producers are turning away from this sector, it is not only for a substantial financial gain in other products lacking in supermarkets. “The unit price of charges in dairy farms has increased by 13% in the space of a year”, explains the CNIEL.

This is largely due once again to the war in Ukraine. Producers are affected by the rise in gas and diesel prices. However, they are also at the mercy of the weather. France experienced a major drought. It hasn’t rained enough, and the animals are running out of food. Climate change is happening…

It should be noted that the drought that is hitting France could cause other types of shortages in supermarkets in the coming weeks or months. And the long-term future does not look the most reassuring either… Count on the Objeko team to keep you informed!

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