After receiving billions, Elon Musk calls for an end to US subsidies

After receiving billions of dollars from the US government, Tesla boss Elon Musk is today calling for an end to subsidies in the United States. According to the Fortune site, the whimsical billionaire has indeed spoken out against the American infrastructure bill, carried by the Biden administration, which provides for investments of more than 1,000 billion dollars, of which 7.8 billion must be invested in subsidies for the deployment of new charging stations for electric vehicles.

According to the entrepreneur, it would be good for Congress not to adopt the text. He justified this reaction by the “insane” federal budget deficit affecting the United States, which has already “spent so much money”. In a statement to the Wall Street Journal CEO Council summit, he stressed the need to improve highways and reduce traffic congestion but said he was skeptical of the charging station deployment policy, judging the “unnecessary” planned investments and calling on the government to “end all subsidies”, including those for oil and gas companies.

Elon Musk resentful?

A radical change in tone as Tesla has received billions of dollars in government subsidies to develop in recent years. To better understand this request, it is necessary to look at a recent decision of the American government. The latter has indeed announced the establishment of an additional subsidy of 4,500 dollars for electric cars built by unionized employees of the UAW (United Auto Workers, the American automobile union) present only at Ford, GM and Chrysler, effectively excluding Tesla from this policy, the firm being the only major American automaker whose workforce is not unionized.

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Would Elon Musk be resentful and sore loser? Since these announcements, the relationship between the whimsical billionaire and the White House has indeed cooled considerably. As Fortune recalls, he recently accused the Biden administration of being “union controlled.” Elon Musk has also still not digested the recent investigation by the federal securities regulator against Tesla after a complaint denouncing the lack of safety of solar panels placed on cars.

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