abandoned animals creep in real estate agency photos



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M. Frey, X. Schuffenecker, P. Hervé – France 3

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A Marseille real estate agency works with abandoned animals. To help them win the hearts of a new family, she organized a photo shoot.

A dog savors some kibble, given to encourage her to strike a pose in front of the lens. Fanny, 11, picked up in the street, was placed in the pound. She is looking for a new home, and may find it thanks to Jean-Mathieu Gallo, director of the Buddy’s real estate agency in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). This professional sells apartments, houses and villas, but also slips animals for adoption into his classifieds.

It allows people to project themselves, to see an animal in the context of a home. And then we highlight them with photos of professionals, which is not always the case in associations, with photos that are a little more basic“, Explain Jean-Mathieu Gallo. Future owners are obviously not obliged to adopt these animals, but a new start can be accompanied by a crush.

This unprecedented partnership between real estate professionals and animal protection associations such as “Ailes de la protection animal” aims to develop a network of foster and sponsorship families, in order to give the animal every chance.

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