A successfully operated falcon in the new surgery center of the LPO

A Hobby falcon, whose wing was fractured after a collision with a vehicle, was successfully operated on in the new surgery room of the wildlife care center of the Aquitaine bird protection league (LPO). This is the first operation carried out in this equipped room thanks to a call for donations, explained the LPO on Wednesday.

A veterinarian specializing in wildlife has been recruited at the LPO center in Audenge. – LPO Aquitaine

“The Center’s veterinarian was able to refine her diagnosis by taking an X-ray of the animal directly on site,” explains the LPO. After an hour of intervention, the veterinarian was able to place a pin, allowing the bone and its fragments to remain aligned, and thus promote consolidation. The raptor has recovered well from his anesthesia and treatment is being administered to him to avoid any risk of infection.

More than 5,000 animals collected

A veterinarian specializing in wildlife care was recruited last February to treat the residents in a surgery room which reduces the time of care, with the possibility of carrying out x-rays on site and minimizing stress for the animal.

In 2021, the care center based in Audenge in Gironde crossed the bar of 5,000 wild animals in distress welcomed (birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians), a record figure since the opening of the structure in 2003. Birds represent 69% of the workforce welcomed and mammals 30%. Of the animals cared for in 2021, 58% regained their freedom after treatment. Over the year, 74% of animal receptions were linked to human impact.

The center of Audenge, one of the largest in France, hopes to become a reference center in the care of wildlife.

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