a snake discovered in the toilet of a nonagenarian

It is a discovery that will long be remembered by a housekeeper. In the municipality of Belley located in Ainwhile she was with one of her clients, the housekeeper was fell on a snake who wandered in the toilets of the lady, 94 years old. Immediately, the woman called the firefighters who went to the scene.

According to our colleagues from Progressafter more than 40 minutes of failed attempts, the nearly one meter long reptile, could be captured. The task was indeed not easy because the animal had changed its hiding place. The operation was carried out by a firefighter specialized in NAC (new pets). Finally, the nonagenarian did not realize anything.

Firefighters said it was a corn snakea species endemic to the United States, classified as non-hazardous. The animal being not found in the wild in Francethe reptile must have been imported from abroad by a neighbor. After being captured, the snake was given to a pet store, as no one came to claim it.

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