3 tips to protect your pet

It’s not just humans who suffer from high heat, your pet too. He feels the same temperature as you. So to help him feel better, here are some tips.

In her veterinary practice, Dr. Emilie Grandjean already sees domestic animals suffering from the heat. “This year is earlier than usual. In general, consultations for these pathologies only take place in July and August”.

Also some species are more fragile to high heat than others such as those with lots of hair, some with short hair like French Bulldogs and brachycephalic dogs, these breeds of dogs with flattened and enlarged skulls, flattened faces and short nose we will mention the Bulldogs, the Pugs…

As for us, in case of strong heat it is not recommended to take your animal out from 11am to 4pm. Favor walks early in the morning or late in the evening and rather short outings, for the needs, in the shade, preferably in the grass.

Also pay attention to the temperature of the ground. “When the outside temperature is 30°, the macadam is at 62° so before walking his animal, the master must touch the ground: if he tolerates the temperature it’s good, if not, they must stay at home” informs Emilie Grandjean, doctor of veterinary medicine in Pontarlier. You can also put greasy ointment on the pads so that he does not burn himself, especially on the manhole covers.

During hot weather, do not hesitate to put several pots of water in which you can add a few ice cubes. Investing in a water fountain is also a good option to satisfy your pet’s needs. For his meal, choose fresh sachets made up of 90% water. You can also add a few vegetables to his mash to provide more hydration and also moisten his kibble.

It’s trendy, cooling mats for cats or dogs really bring a feeling of freshness. At home, give him the opportunity to access the coolest places such as the cellar, the basement and the bathroom.

For its comfort, it is also recommended to refresh it by passing a washcloth in the neck and on the belly or to shower it. “If despite this your animal opens its mouth, its breathing is rapid, it has difficulty moving, it is in respiratory discomfort, then it is important to consult a veterinarian because it could die” warns Dr. Emilie Grandjean, veterinarian in Pontarlier.

Be careful, however, of the mistake not to make! Never put your windows in tilt and turn position because cats looking for freshness can get their heads stuck. Every year, felines die from it.

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