Two years after George Floyd, the frescoes have disappeared, the illusions too

“This May 25 marks two years since the sinister murder of George Floyd,” this 46-year-old African-American whose agony, under the knee of white policeman Derek Chauvin, filmed and widely broadcast, had caused a real shock wave in a jaded American society “by the incessant and redundant litany of murders of black citizens”, notes the columnist … Read more

NZD/USD: the RBNZ wants to accelerate its monetary tightening

The RBNZ boosts its dollar by opting for an acceleration of its monetary tightening The New Zealand dollar jumped against the major currencies on Wednesday morning after the RBNZ decided to accelerate the pace of its monetary tightening. The RBNZ unsurprisingly raised its official bank rate by 50 basis points to 2.0%, its highest level … Read more

the USA will vaccinate contact cases, France is following the same path

THE ESSENTIAL Among the five confirmed cases: three are in Ile-de-France, 1 in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and 1 in Occitanie. A disease is said to be endemic when it is constantly present in a geographical area. The vaccine is a third generation product, and has a European marketing authorization. Five cases of monkeypox are confirmed in France, … Read more